[Permanent Sercretariat, Rabat], [28th, January ,2021] – the Network of African Data Protection Authorities (NADPA/RAPDP) has the following objectives:

  • Organise close collaboration among its members, in order to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences on issues related to their mission;
  • Supporting states in development of privacy and personal data protection;
  • Give opinions or make statements on specific issues relating to privacy and personal data protection;
  • Establishing a consultation framework on privacy and personal data protection issues and challenges Africa is facing;
  • Promoting African legal instruments for privacy and personal data protection and ensure their adequacy with the realities of the continent;
  • Cooperate with other African and international organizations and associations within the context of consolidating the right to privacy and personal data protection.

The NADPA/RAPDP was created in Ouagadougou in September 2016 during the 2nd African Forum of Personal Data Protection Authorities and includes national data protection authorities from different African geographical and linguistic areas.

Also, the organs of the Network are the General Assembly and the Bureau. Since its General Assembly held in Casablanca on February 23, 2018, the CIL of Burkina Faso has been the President, the two vice-presidencies being held by the CDP of Ghana and the CNPDP of Cape Verde, with the CNDP of Morocco providing the Permanent Secretariat.
During its general assembly held in Dakar on September 16, 2019, three working groups were formed:

  • A working group on network capacity building (led by the CIL, Burkina Faso's data protection authority) ;
  • A working group in charge of relations with the African Union and pan-African institutions (led by the CDP, Senegal's data protection authority);
  • A working group on identity management (led by the CNDP, data protection authority of Morocco).

Thus, in its cooperation program, NADPA/RAPDP agrees on a one-year program with the Mozilla Foundation and Omidyar Network to strengthen its internal capacity and external communication.

The aim of this cooperation is to strengthen the NADPA/RAPDP's relations with the African Union Commission and other international partners, with a view to enhancing the network's visibility.

The right to privacy and protection of personal data has never been as essential as it is today. 

The information age and the increased emergence of various technologies place data, especially personal data, at the center of the socio-economic changes that drive development policies. The management of the COVID-19 pandemic was an undeniable illustration of this.

Thus, the role and responsibility of personal data protection authorities is becoming unavoidable.

National data protection authorities are at the forefront of the data protection debate and lead efforts to ensure the protection and promotion of the right to privacy.

With its members who are leaders in a field that continues to progress every day, NADPA/RAPDP aims to be an innovative and dynamic community that seeks to integrate best practices and meet the data protection needs of African citizens.

Accordingly, the Network announces its intention to continue working for greater collaboration among its members in order to consolidate their relationships for a pan-African network of data protection authorities that will strongly guarantee the rights of Africans online, strengthen the data economies of African countries and raise the African voice to partners around the world.


The African Network of Data Protection Authorities / Réseau Africain des Autorités de Protection des Données Personnelles (NADPA/RAPDP) was established in Ouagadougou in September 2016, at a side event to the African forum on personal data protection. It currently comprises several African privacy and data protection authorities from different geographical and linguistic areas, with the aim of setting up a platform for exchanges and co-operation between its members and making Africa’s voice heard in its dealings with partners around the world.  

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