Online workshops for the African region.


The Council of Europe co-organizes online workshops with the Network of African Data Protection Authorities on a monthly basis about relevant topics for the African region. 

A series of online workshops around personal data protection was launched by the Council of Europe in support of the African Network of Personal Data Protection Authorities between November 2020 and March 2021. The workshop themes were selected based on the principles set out in the 108+ Convention.

In particular, the first workshop took place on 5 November under the theme "The right to data protection in the digital era". Other topics will include cross-border data flows, digital identity, facial recognition, political campaigns, law enforcement and international cooperation and data processing by law enforcement services. These themes will provide a useful source of information and knowledge for data protection authorities in African countries wishing to develop a legal and institutional framework to ensure that their populations are adequately protected from their personal data.