Becoming a Member or Observer

Becoming a member or observer:

  • Members of the Network:

The Network’s members are data protection authorities in states which have adopted legislation on privacy and data protection (Article 6 of the NADPA/RAPDP Statute);

  • Observers of the Network:

The following may enjoy observer status with the NADPA/RAPDP:

  • representatives of states which have enacted the relevant legislation, but have not yet established a privacy and data protection authority; and representatives from countries which are considering adopting such legislation;
  • associations and organisations which promote and defend the right to privacy and personal data protection or which work in related fields, in particular human rights protection or the fight against cybercrime.

Any organisation or state wishing to become a member or an observer should send a request to the Chair of the NADPA/RAPDP (via the Permanent Secretariat:

The request will then be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.